Radisson Blu Mountain Resort Beitostølen

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Radisson Blu Mountain Resort Beitostølen is the conference venue during the Symposium CAPA 2022. 

The hotel will offer special rates on accomodation for conference participants.


Hotelrooms can not be booked before you have registered for the Symposium. When registered you will get a reference number that you use in contact with the hotel.


  • Lunch is included in the registration fee.



Beitostølen has a varied selection of accomodations, from full service hotels to apartments and cabins. 

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Radisson Blu Mountain Resort Beitostølen

Bygdinvegen 3812, 

2953 Beitostølen

Tlf.: + 47 61 35 30 00

E- mail:info@beitostolen.com